@Yassammez’s spoiler free ‘The Fifth Estate’ set report

The very lovely Yassammez was kind enough to share her experience with me, which is definitely worth a read to have a sense of how Benedict is in his working environment.

My favourite bit?

Benedict walked up to her and then fell dramatically onto his knees, threw his head back, spread his arms wide, shook his body and made a weird squealing noise, as she took hold of his head and got the eyedrops in….’


Some notes:

I’ve been asked to write a report concerning my days as an extra on the set of “The Fifth Estate”. I was fortunate enough to be present for 4 days, two of which were with Benedict Cumberbatch on set. If you’re only interested in those parts, skip both Sundays (10th and 17th) ;) I tried to avoid any spoilers, as it would lessen your viewing in November and I might get sued by Dreamworks :P

Also: even though I technically would have had the chance to go up to Benedictand talk/ask for an autograph, it’s my personal opinion that a set is not the time, nor place to do so. He’s concentrated on his job after all and the last thing I’d ever want to do is bother him. So i’m afraid I won’t be able to regale you with such a story ^^ For me it was amazing enough to have been privileged to be (an insignificantly small) part of his first major Hollywood film as lead actor. To say that it was awesome, is still an understatement - he’s fascinating to watch and I cannot wait to see the film. He’ll blow us all away!

TFE Set report Sunday 10th of February:

This was to be my very first contact with Hollywood film magic, and as I was rather nervous, I was happy to be able to share it with my sister and brother in law. They don’t have my level of obsession, but agreed that it would be a once in a lifetime experience and so had applied together and got booked. Benedict was not expected to be present that day, but I was perfectly fine with this as I had more days on set to look forward to. The shoot was to take place in Brussels, near the Central Station, and we drove there by car from Antwerp. The meeting point for the extra’s was a large and fancy hotel and several orange clad crewmembers and film production vans led the way. We registered ourselves and sat down in a room which was steadily filling up with more people. The parts we had been booked for stated “hackers”, so most people around us were fairly young and some had apparently been contacted by the casting agency itself for their more unusual look/hairstyle. We had been asked to dress casually, with older, worn out (possibly slightly nerdy) clothes/shoes. For the first time ever, I regretted having thrown away all my baggy (X-files) t-shirts from the 90’s…. I had however, discovered a silly hat with communist star, that I had recently bought as souvenir from China, and thought it made me look fairly geeky.

In the “waiting room”, as I’ll call it from now on, I also met two other lovely girls – one from Belgium who I knew via Twitter, whereas the other had come from the Netherlands especially. I must say: it’s fairly stressful to go up to someone unknown and say “hi”, with only a small twitter profile pic as guidance….We started chatting until the time came when we were asked to present ourselves at the costume department for “inspection”. Just prior to this, someone from the production came into the room and asked around for someone with an approximate height of 1m82. We weren’t sure what this was about, until a while after. We had all been asked to bring three sets of clothes, wearing one of them, but the costume ladies had a whole array of clothes as well, to fit us in, if ours weren’t adequate. I’m not sure whether it was a good sign, but I was approved (hat included) immediately. Apparently transforming myself into a geek doesn’t take much :P My sister got a blue t-shirt with a text saying “Privacy is not a crime”. Outfits ready, we went upstairs toward the make-up room, where we had to queue once more. Thankfully, we also discovered a large table with cookies, bread and drinks in the hallway leading there, which we took advantage of. I was impressed by the professionalism of the make-up department and it felt rather “filmstar-like” to be sitting in front of the mirror, while a nice lady is putting several products on your face ^^ Half an hour later, we were ready for business (or so we thought). Unfortunately though - more than half of the other extra’s (and there must have been around 200) still had to go through the make-up at that point… In exchange for my passport, I received an old laptop from a crewmember, to serve as prop for the scene later on. As the hallway was very full, we moved back down to where we had been sitting initially and so the waiting began….

After a wile, we suddenly saw someone pass by with a platinum blond and quite ridiculous looking wig. It wasn’t Benedict, but the person who had earlier that morning been selected for his height. Apparently he had now become stand-in. Later on, I heard that Benedict had in fact been on set that day, but shot his scene very early on, with no extra’s needed. For anyone mocking B’s hairdo, let it be known that it looks far, far worse on pretty much anyone else! Unfortunately this was as much excitement as we’d be getting for the coming 2 hours, as we waited, and waited. At a certain point, 10 people were picked to go to the set, which made us hope we might be on soon after, but no such luck. Eventually though - after what seemed eternity - a group of around 20, uncluding the three of us, were asked to follow a few crewmembers downstairs, through some narrow hallways to the place where the set had been built. Oddly enough, we ended up in part of a fairly empty shopping center, where we first could leave some of our stuff (jackets) behind. Normal shoppers passed by and I was thankful this was all taking place in Brussels…a city I never go to and where noone would recognize me in my “hacker” outfit :P Part of our group was then selected and brought to the set, but I stayed behind and waited some more… When they returned and I finally thought it was my turn, lunch was announced. I confess to having been slightly disappointed, but also hungry, so that compensated for the frustration.

Back up we went, to the room that was previously used for make-up, and we all received a bag containing an egg sandwich, a wrap, cookies and some fruit. The fans I met earlier got a banana, which was the start of some cabin pressure hilarity. We sat and waited some more, until at last we could go back to the set - which I still hadn’t even seen at that point. It was set up in a large open gallery, with stairs going up on either side.


Inside the gallery, they had re-created a hackers conference. I won’t describe the set, as that would be spoilerish, but it was fun and very big. We’d be acting as either visitors of the conference or co-workers explaining some of the things present. After everyone had been given a spot and or walking pattern through the various tables/items, the scene was about to begin. The hardest part of the scene was preventing the extra’s walking about, to not hit one another, or the camera, as they traversed the room :P Daniel Brühl was suddenly standing very close to me, at what was going to be his starting point for his scripted walk through the room. He looked almost exactly the same (outfit and all) as in the only officially released pic from iceland. The whole scene existed of him walking through the room from one side to the other, ocasionally looking at a display. He brushed past me at a certain point, but I was focused on my tiny, insignificant part of explaining the thing I was standing next to. The scene was shot several times, from different camera angles and my sister, who was sitting at a table actually got told by the director that she was doing very well :P She brightened considerably after that, especially considering she initially wasn’t that keen on coming along for the day at all ^^ It’s likely she will have her millisecond of fame from that scene too, as the camera was very, very close by.

After quite a while of shooting this scene from every possible angle, Daniel Brühl had reached the other side of the room and we were all asked to leave until the crew had prepared the set for the second/last scene to be shot that day. We were herded outside in the hallway and waited. We had become very good at that - together with fake-explanations. As we walked out, I noticed some fancy black chairs, with either “The Fifth Estate”, “Director” or an actors name, written on it. They’d have looked so good on my terrace tbh. At a certain point during the wait, a crewmember came up to our large group and asked us to please not bother the actors with requests for autographs or pictures. I rather hope noone was planning to do so, but you never know. It made the level of excitement rise considerably though, as many assumed the statement meant that Benedict would be present for the next scene. When we finally were allowed to return to our spots, I noticed several things. Firstly, there was now a large crane with camera mounted on one end of the room. Secondly: someone had broken part of the set piece I stood by. Thirdly: Benedict still wasn’t there :P I alerted a crewmember to the shabby state of the close by set piece and after he jokingly told me that I must have done something very wrong and pay up, he took a better look at it, uttered a choice swear word and ran off, never to return. I am therefor rather curious as to whether the finished film will show an obvious continuity error there ^^. This second scene - which still involved no actual conversation - had Daniel Brühl walk up the stairs. We had to look up in amazement at something that happened in the room, but I have to say ….looking up in surprise after the 10th take, is rather more hard than after the first go :P Daniel Brühl got quite a work-out too, as he spent more than an hour walking up and down the same staircase. The idea of filming being glamorous, rapidly evaporated that afternoon. It’s not all fun and games for an actor :P Meanwhile my body was feeling the hours of standing still on set, and my foot got cramps and my back ached like hell. At around 8 though, we finally heard someone say it was a wrap and there was some applause. Everyone filed out and went back upstairs to the hotel to queue in chaos, as clothes/laptops had to be returned, passports recovered, and payment received. Eventually the three of us were all ready to go home - 35 euro’s richer. One has to start small, I guess ^^ We retrieved the car and set out to spend our hard earned money on dinner…..in MacDonalds. it had been a long, but exciting day, with lots of waiting, but that - I’m afraid - is life for an extra on set. :)

TFE Set report Saturday 16th of February:
I had to get up terribly early at around 5 am, and was not feeling too optimistic about the day to come. - I had done some research on the part I was playing and the setting and I was almost certain Julian Assange would not feature in it. I was to be a journalist for the Guardian and Dan Stevens would be our chief editor, so I presumed the scenes would mainly concern him. Moreover, I was stressed out about the dresscode and the requested make-up, which I had totally ignored in the end. I was asked to bring 3 sets of clothing, wearing the one I thought best. The instructions given to me were “look like a British journalist”. The remaining clothes and shoes were packed in a suitcase that I took with me. At 6 ‘o clock I was picked up by my sister and brother in law, for which I am eternally grateful now. They have to cope with so much when I am around, being an obsessive fangirl. Though - in my defense - ironically, it was they who introduced me to Sherlock over a year ago and started this madness ;) We drove off to Sint Niklaas, and more specifically a company on a nearby industry-terrain that had granted permission to use their site for the weekend, taking about 20 mins to get there. The weather was gloomy - dark and raining, which wasn’t improving my already darkened and pessimistic mood. I went inside to the cantina, where I could get some tea or coffee. There were about 60 other extra’s - most of them older than me, as I had only just qualified for the requested age limits for this particular part. (30+) I chatted to some of them and noticed that most had already done “extra” work, albeit for small Belgian productions. The name Benedict Cumberbatch was unknown to pretty much everyone….
After a relatively short time, we were herded off to the costume and make-up department, which was located in the same part of the building as where the set was constructed. I got an approval for the second set of clothes, and after seeing most of us, can only conclude that to look “British”, is an equivalent to looking excessively boring and old fashioned :P. Sorry to all you Brits! Some people started to complain already about having to wear clothes they despised, which I thought ridiculous….the whole point of acting is to pretend you’re someone else! And sometimes that includes being someone with a bad fashion sense…or someone with platinum blonde hair ;) Then it was time for the make-up, which generally takes ages, as most people who did it themselves hadn’t done so well enough, so had it removed before it all could be re-applied. Go me for being totally lazy and turning up with no make-up whatsoever :P Costume and make-up ready, we were consequently asked to place our luggage/spare clothes in a side room and return to the cantina to await further instructions. There were now finally cookies and croissants to serve as breakfast and the waiting began.
It took a surprisingly short time before we were called to the set for the first scene of the day. Prior to entering the building we were divided into two groups - I was part of group 2 and at the start regretted that. Looking back on it now though, I have to say that this was the choice (together with some others I made myself) that made my day, a day with capital D :) Group 1 was taken in first and got a spot on the lower floor of the office building, which was a large open rectangular place, with a lot of desks set up in the middle to recreate the feeling of a newspaper office, a high glass ceiling and 1st floor hallways with adjacent offices, looking out on the large open office space below. Group 1 was all seated on a desk, or got various tasks around the area, where the action was going to take place. Then group 2 was led inside and was directed toward the first floor (hallway and offices) Some people were asked to walk around from one hallway to another, or enter an office, whereas others, including me were asked to sit inside an office and just move around a bit behind the glass(darkened, so you could hardly see through it). I was fairly upset at this prospect, as it’d mean that I wouldn’t be able to see anything at all, which proved about right during the first take, as we didn’t even hear the words “action”. Below on the office floor, I had spotted Benedicts stand-in with “fancy wig”, as well as Dan Stevens (our chief editor). The other extra’s thought the stand-in was our lead actor….shame on them! No other recognizable faces were present at that moment, not that I could see anything from my vantage point inside the gloomy room. The office I was in was not cleared and was still full of personal stuff from its poor owner who probably had no idea what was happening that weekend. After 2 takes however, one of the “extra- directors” came into our room and said that they were having sound issues with people walking too loudly - mainly women with heels, which was unavoidable on that sort of floor. But it was causing a significant problem, so they asked some men to swap and go outside. I saw my chance and immediately said that I could walk really, really silently (conveniently ignoring the rather large heels on my boots, as there was NO WAY I’d be spending the rest of the day in some dodgy office). My back will possibly forever be angry for this decision, but it was the best one I made that day… I went outside and tested my newfound skills by walking ridiculously tiptoed - but…silently. They agreed that it was fine and I felt I had achieved a personal victory, having now secured a spot on the balconied hallway. I got a walking pattern explained to me and went to stand in hiding behind a corner until it was my turn to walk past, talk to someone, and pass over to another “safe spot”(place where you’re out of camera sight) After one take, it was decided that the other extra’s upstairs were still not silent enough and we were all asked to remove our shoes. Thank god I had socks, albeit silly striped ones, whereas many women would be spending the rest of the takes barefoot on the cold floor. It was then that I noticed that Benedicts stand-in had been replaced by someone else with platinum blonde hair and I silently screamed out in joy. He had earplugs in at times,carried two backpacks for the scene and wore a black t-shirt and white open shirt/vest over it. His hair was noticeably shorter than on the pic from Iceland, so I suppose these scenes took place later. Daniel Bruhl and D. Stevens were also there now and when the scene began, I heard Benedict speak for the first time. I noticed two seperate things immediately: the acoustics of the builing were amazing and his voice easily carried through it and gosh….the accent! I’m not an expert when it comes to english accents, but to me it sounded very Australian indeed, which was odd at first. He really was channeling someone else entirely, both through the accent as through the way he spoke. I walked my little walk, but since it was on the far side of where the action was taking place, I decided to expand it a bit and make a turn into a (better) direction after my initial pass… which brought me a lot closer and right overhead of Benedict. In between takes (and there were a lot of them), he was constantly joking around with D.S. and D.B. There was f.ex. a mock fist fight with D.S. He also got administered eye drops - of which he got so many in the course of that day, that I’m amazed his eyes didn’t just swim off….poor guy tbh. I have had lenses and couldn’t get used to them even after several months, which was hell….This was also the moment where I discovered what I want to do in life…..it’s to become the person who takes care of Benedicts head and hair. She constantly went over to re-adjust his hair, to give eye drops (all in all - just obvious excuses to touch his face imo….) Another good job would be the bringer of water bottles…who got an adorable little curtsy for giving one to Benedict. The takes proceeded and I spent a lot of time gazing down in between them. It was fun and I was sad when we got the call that this particular scene was finished and that we would be off for lunch. I noticed Benedict kissing a lady goodbye, who might have been an actress, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see who it was. At that time I thought it might mean that he wouldn’t return after lunch. Still - I had seen him act and was happy already :) Before leaving the building though, I wanted to go to the bathroom and couldn’t locate it. Wandering around a bit with some others, I rounded a corner and suddenly stood face to back with Benedict. I carefully edged past him and stumbled onto the stairs and to the bathroom. :)
Lunch meant we all returned to the cantina and then had to start queuing outside in front of the catering van. Halfway through this queue, a large truck rode past and stopped to pick up septic waste from the building….what excellent timing! >< There were three different types of meals of which one was Boeuf Bourgignon (I was happily reminded of the last CP episode and Arthurs attempts at pronouncing it, but went for the fish anyway ;) It took ages, mostly because any crew that passed by was allowed to skip the line, as they had limited time. I was freezing, as I had left my jacket in the suitcase on set…not the best move ever, but oh well….thoughts of Benedict kept me warm :P I ate quickly and after a while, some people were called up to return to the set, but unfortunately not me as of yet.
Half an hour later, a second group was requested, and I could join. Once more I went to my first floor corridor/balcony and got a walk and a talk directed to me. Benedicts stand-in was stood on the balcony right opposite of me, on the other side of the open office space below. I then saw Benedict on a chair, with his back toward us, on the balcony corridor to my left. Yay - h e hadn’t left yet! This was the beginning of what the other extra’s and possibly actors might call the scene of hell, but for me it was all pure heaven….The fact that I think we reached 53 or more takes, might have had something to do with that :P I did my rehearsed hallway stroll, rounded a corner to a safe zone with some people, where I then waited until I got a signal to walk into another direction. I had chosen to walk to the right, as I felt it was closest to the spot where the stand-in had stood. And so we started what would take up most of the rest of the day. I had a little fake chat with another extra, went on my way and then there was loud shouting from the balcony to my left. Benedict was there, together with D.B., and they were having a rather heated argument. I rounded the corner and went to stand with some other people, among who was one of the guys directing the extra’s. The director then decided however, that the corridors were a bit too full and he wanted less walking, so this spot would be the end of my repeated walking adventure. It was to be a very nice spot though. The director told us furthermore to look up in surprise when the shouting began and stop what we were doing for a moment, as anyone would do in the same situation, when people suddenly start to yell in their vicinity. Now, I have no problems at all with staring at Benedict, so it was a task I excelled at. After a second take, I discovered that the place where I ended up, did not only have a great and close by view over the balcony with Benedicts and DB’s scene, it also held some crewmembers that were operating the screen where you could actually see “live” what the camera was filming at that point. This was where my mind experienced a terrible and wonderful dilemma, as I had two Benedicts to ogle at the same time. One real version, acting away about 3 metres from me and another one, live on screen in close-up. The screen thingy was amazing, as it actually felt as if I was already seeing part of the finished product - and I can only say: they did well on zooming in on him in that scene. I could hardly have done better ^^ Meanwhile, the takes were not going extremely well, and in between them, Benedict had to walk back to his starting position on the other side of the balconies, where he first sat on a chair to get his eyedrops,some hair/wig adjustments, and occasionally read his script. It was a very difficult and emotion-laden scene, and Benedict was having some issues remembering his lines; as it was a very long part. At the start, the take was ruined once by B getting completely distracted by the “extra director” next to me, who was constantly waving his arms in different directions to instruct us where and when to walk. He was told to stop that immediately :P After one failed attempt, instead of hearing the usual early “cut” from the director or another crewmember, we heard a very, very loud “F.word” by Benedict, which was just as clear a sign that we’d have to redo it. Frustration was visibly mounting though, as a while after, he screamed out even more loudly, clearly annoyed at himself. (being a perfectionist, it must have been particularly annoying) I must admit that I felt two conflicting emotions at this, as one the one hand I felt sad for him that it wasn’t going very well at that point, on the other hand: hearing B’s voice roar out loudly in a place with such acoustics was rather impressive/ecstatic….I also got quite a surprise after one of my “walks” when upon arriving at my lovely viewpoint and camera screen I was urgently asked to move out of his way by a man seated in a chair just behind me. I looked behind me and discovered that it was D. Thewlis, who was apparently waiting for his queue to get up and walk toward his vantage point for the end of the scene. I quickly scrambled to the side…. After quite many retakes, camera positions were to be swapped, which always took quite a while, as it required a lot of set-up and break down time. D.B. and Benedict were standing on their balcony for a bit and I could freely observe them. He cannot stand still….at all. He was constantly moving about and chatting away. He often - while talking to DB - would suddenly start doing a cute little dance - it was lovely to look upon ^^ I talked to some other female extra’s (since the age requirement for this part was 30+, I was the only fan and in fact almost the only person who knew who he was) and we decided to divide the handsome looking men among us. I got some funny stares at my decision to go for “the white one??????”, but started off my “convert Belgium to Cumberbatchism” scheme and taught them everything about his upcoming roles and possibly confessed that he was the reason I was there….They understood though and concocted a plan for me to get closer. I had needed to go to the bathroom for some time already, but couldn’t as it was somewhere behind the set. One of them said that there was in fact one hidden just next to where Benedict was now seated again, to get his eyedrops etc. I felt a bit odd, but they forced me to follow them as they would “show me the bathroom”, so off we went…I walked right past a seated Benedict (all in a professional manner of course) and entered the bathroom. It was there, I discovered that you could actually hear his voice through the wall just next to me….and for a while I wondered whether the production would start to miss me, if I got stuck in a Benedict-voiced dolby surround bathroom….In the end, I decided against staying all too long and happily exited, walked by again and got back to my starting position. More takes were to be done, more eyedrops administered. Time went by and our feet/backs were aching like hell. I got cramp in both feet, but knew I couldn’t let on, as I might risk getting replaced by one of the unfortunate people still inside the darkened offices I had escaped from that morning. Camera positions were changed and my walk was slightly adapted to not end at the lovely screen anymore, but now by entering a side office and join some extra’s in there. They had been sitting there all day and the conversation was now mainly focused on the ordering of pizza’s or fries instead of a “fake” office meeting :P Without drinks and food, most of the other extra’s started complaining and mumbling among themselves that they felt Benedict was to blame for the delay. (sometimes I wonder why people even sign up to be extra’s tbh…) Benedict meanwhile got an apple to eat, but nothing more that I could see either. We had some eye contact from the other side of the balcony, which gave me a very funny fluttering feeling in my stomach, and at a certain point he applauded the extra’s for a moment, most of whom were now strewn around the room, looking not very alive anymore :P In between all of this, he kept on doing his cute little dance moves and jokes with D. Brühl.
Eventually though - we actually managed to get the scene finished, which meant that we might be able to get out of the building for a break and some food and drinks - both of which had been sorely missed. All the extra’s downstairs got out easily and after a while we got informed that we (first floor) could leave too. We walked the corridor toward the stairway and saw Benedict and a few others sit in a “fifth estate chair” (which again, I’d have loved to take home with me) on the side of the hallway, as we filed past. I glanced and amazed myself once more by not staring. Down we went, but as soon as we reached the exit of the building, people behind us started shouting that we were in fact needed inside again…..Confusion (and some angry whispers) ensued, but we returned, up the stairs, past Benedict in the corridor (I didn’t really mind….) and got back to our positions - for a whole 2 mins. Apparently it wasn’t just us who was being misinformed that day, as we were for the second time in 5 minutes, told to leave…..A small group of us (including me), who had the furthest to go, weren’t exactly rushing out, as we were half expecting the orders to be retracted again anyway and when we reached the hallway just before the stairs, where Benedict had previously been sitting…….we were stuck. Apparently noone knew we had been still inside and a scene was going to be shot in a few moments, meaning that noone was allowed to make any sound anymore and definitely not get in the way. So it seemed we had to wait it out in the hallway. I debated sitting down in the chair Benedict had previously occupied, but someone beat me to it, so I placed myself on the floor, next to a couple of large black pieces of canvas that were put up/hung in between us and the stairway area. There was a gap in between them and I glanced through, only to discover that Benedict was standing just on the other side of it, at approximately 40 cm from me. It was the starting point of a scene involving him and D.B., so they stood there for a bit. I was still lying on the floor when he turned toward our little group of “unfortunate” stuck extra’s and asked whether we could move a little bit, as they were going to place the black canvas things a bit more into the hallway. Now if Benedict asks anything, no matter how tired I am, I can move lightning fast and so scrambled a bit backwards, as everything was moved. After that, the view remained excellent though, as he still placed himself right beside (and above) me behind the canvas. At this point someone of the crew who took care of us, had felt so badly that he had smuggled some egg sandwiches upstairs (it was forbidden to eat inside the company premises) and distributed them to us, so I finally had something to eat. Or at least I would have had, if half of it hadn’t fallen onto the floor about a minute later. I blame Benedict for this though. I was dreamily staring through my black-canvas opening, when he started doing a funny dance, shaking his bottom right at face level. I froze and lost track of where my sandwich was…..I felt as if my empty stomach had made me delusional and made me dream up a private B peepshow…. Just when rational thought returned, the eyedrop-administrator arrived and this made for another awesome scene. Benedict walked up to her and then fell dramatically onto his knees, threw his head back, spread his arms wide, shook his body and made a weird squealing noise, as she took hold of his head and got the eyedrops in….(I really, really want that job….) After this scene - which I’m afraid unfortunately won’t be in The Fifth Estate - the actual shoot continued - Benedict and DB got ready and I saw them walk around the corner, and heard the lines being spoken. 2 more takes followed before we were informed that we should hurry and take the lift down. Still a bit stunned, I got outside and could get some food. At least that was the intention, but we had been stuck for so long, that all the sandwiches had been eaten, so I was left with an apple.:P
3 bites into my apple, we were called inside once more for the final scene of the day - which unfortunately would not involve Benedict anymore. Group 1 was once more placed behind their desks downstairs and we were taken up to the corridors again. This time I was installed in a side office with 3 others and rehearsed a little “scene” where we were having a meeting and had to call back a fellow employee who was on his mobile phone outside. It was late though and the topic of our meeting was somehow changed to me and my obsession. They were impressed by my everlasting enthousiasm at being there, when all others had gone grumpy, so I told them why, which was cause to some hilarity, but in a funny sense. The rest of the fake scene was spent by me virtually acting as a one-man PR team, as I promoted all of Benedicts past and upcoming projects, I should get paid for this tbh…. The scene was finished fairly quickly and after the last take, the call came that shooting was finished for that day. It was 10 ‘o clock, so quite a bit later than was originally planned, and I was the only one who didn’t mind at all. To make things even better, the casting agency announced that we’d all earn 20 € extra for the lack of food, lack of information and the delay.
We went back to the costume department,got our papers signed and I called my sister and Brother in law to say that we had wrapped. They were not impressed by the hour, but half an hour later, I was picked off and happily drove home…still very much in a state of delirious joy :P
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