RE: the Setlock debacle. I think people blew it out of proportion on here? People just need to use common sense. If they’re setting up for a stunt of any sort, no flashing cameras for starters. That is potentially dangerous, especially if they have specific places they have to remember to stand at.

Benedict Cumberbatch did his duty re: spoilers but was happily signing for fans and such (apparently he was the only one who did, but they’re on a tight schedule).

Anyway, here’s the fans were asked to be extras:

One happy fan he signed for here:

*** submitted by Anna ***

Yep, there was a bit of an overreaction and a lot of self righteousness from some people. Indeed Benedict asked people not to POST photos, he never said that people watching weren’t welcome or that fans there were ‘misbehaving’ or being bad fans, for example. Most people stopped taking photos/posting/etc after he asked us not to.

The fact that he gave autographs and chatted to fans seems to be self explanatory.

This is the last thing I’m going to say re spoilers and photos, if you don’t want to see them/post them/RT them, then don’t. It would be courteous if you could stop ‘attacking’ those who do or making other people feel bad about it.

Just my opinion of course.

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  9. cumbersbumbers said: Thank you! It was the self-righteousness that did me in. Nobody likes a suck-up!
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    Just as an info for whoever is interested :) And gosh, ins’t he just a sweetheart?
  16. melancolia said: Oops, my bad, accidentally hit reply when i shldnt yet. What i mean is, people exaggerate too much. There is too much hatred in the world to be offended by such things. It is too trivial compared to racism, etc. that you & i shld be offended of every day
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    This, exactly.
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